Vintage Guitar TUBE Amp Repair 
and Speaker Reconing Service

now working through:
The Music Box
101 E. Lodi Ave.

Lodi, California

tel: (209) 606-6467

*Uncle Spot Amp repair is for sale $50k - over $200,000 in test equipment, tools, and inventory (parts and tubes)


*Speaker Reconing business for sale  
$15k - over $40,000 in inventory

*personal Guitar collection for sale (FOTOs and prices to come soon)
- 1980 Gibson ES-347 - $1,600. player condition
- 1991 Gibson Firebird V Celebrity - $2,200.  mint condition
- 1991 Gibson Firebird V Celebrity Diamond Dealer Award - $2,700.  mint condition
- 2007 Gibson Reverse Flying V  - $2,200.  mint condition
-1973 Fender P-Bass 3 tone S.B. rosewood neck $1,750. good condition
-"Fender" double neck Strat/Tele $2,750 very good condition
-Gretsch White Falcon Rancher accoustic $550  excellent condition


*personal Amp collection for sale (FOTOs and prices to come soon)

-1972 Fender Quad Reverb w/Cerwin Vega 4x 12s $1,100. excellent condition

-1970 Fender Princeton Reverb $1,250 very good condition

VOX and Kustoms from the '60s

Services:  Repairs / Restorations

*AMP REPAIR / Restoration
*Speaker Reconing / Refoaming
*Tolex / Grill Cloth work
*Amp / Cabinet Covers
*Guitar Repair


*AMP PARTS for sale
*VACUUM TUBES for sale
*SPEAKERS for sale
*misc. for sale
*Uncle Spot Reverb Units  for sale
*Uncle Spot Amps for sale


*Contact U.S.
*About Uncle Spot

  Repair / Restoration service on:

Vintage Guitar TUBE Amplifiers (specializing in '50s, '60s, and '70s Guitar TUBE amps),

Speaker Reconing and Foam replacement.


Fender, Gibson, Marshall, Vox, Traynor, JBL, Altec, Jensen, Utah, CTS, Oxford, and MANY others, from 1939 - the present.

Serving satisfied customers for over 20 years  in Northern California, Uncle Spot has become one of the most popular places to send vintage guitar tube amp and speakers for repair, or restoration.  

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