Vintage Guitar TUBE Amp Repair 
and Speaker Reconing Service

922 Industrial Way Suite B  Lodi,  CA. 95240

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Services:  Repairs / Restorations

*AMP REPAIR / Restoration
*Speaker Reconing / Refoaming
*Tolex / Grill Cloth work
*Amp / Cabinet Covers
*Guitar Repair


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*VACUUM TUBES for sale
*SPEAKERS for sale
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  Repair / Restoration service on:

Vintage Guitar TUBE Amplifiers (specializing in '50s, '60s, and '70s Guitar TUBE amps),

Speaker Reconing and Foam replacement.


Fender, Gibson, Marshall, Vox, Traynor, JBL, Altec, Jensen, Utah, CTS, Oxford, and MANY others, from 1939 - the present.

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Serving satisfied customers for over 20 years  in Northern California, Uncle Spot has become one of the most popular places to send vintage guitar tube amp and speakers for repair, or restoration.  

You can bring your amp/speaker in for repair/restoration or send it to us via USPS or UPS.  We will provide you with a detail estimate on parts, labor and completion time before the actual work is performed.

Monday to Friday  
10.00AM to 5:00PM

10.00AM to 4:00PM

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