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2to3 prong convert.
*6L6 vs. EL34 tubes
*Accutronics Reverb Tanks
*BF that SF Fender
*(Uncle Spot's 'Blackfacing')
*BFSR RI (P.O.S. IMNSHO - it 'looks' good, but does NOT sound anywhere near a 'real' '65 SR)
*change New Fender input jacks w/switchcraft
*Fender Field Guide
*Gibson Amp INFO
Amp comparison
*Ground Loop problems
*Guitar miking
*Jack Darr book - THE best guitar amp book! (IMHO)
*Jensen C10Q 'fix'

*Orange Drop caps
*Picking Caps
*PreAmp tube gain
*R.G.Keen's site
*Resistor Color codes
*Results About Amps
*Reverb INFO
*Uncle Spot's 'Blackfacing'