BIAS disapation math:

First off, the math and measuring is only important to a certain extent (staying within reasonable limits) -- the most important part is how it sounds. I would suggest starting at about 70% of the max plate dissipation of the prescribed tube.

different plate dissipation ratings:

30W = 6L6GC

23W = 6L6WGB / 5881

19W = 6L6GB

19W = 6L6GA

25W = EL34

14W = 6V6



EL34 max plate dissipation 25w

voltage=400v (this is the plate voltage -- this should be what your meter is measuring for voltage)

(% of max) x (max wattage/plate v) x 1000 =bias current


6V6 max plate dissipation 14w


(% of max) x (max wattage/plate v) x 1000 =bias current


I don't know what your plate voltage is so you'll have to do the actual math. I would use this only as a starting point and you should really go with what sounds the best and not be consumed with the numbers because that's what truly matters. So, experiment......


***For MORE information visit Randall Aiken (Aiken Amplification)
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