Jensen C10Q RI bass-response 'fix'

( how to take that harsh treble edge off )

 >>> Click HERE for 'disclaimer', safety issues, and *WARNING<<<

The Jensen C10Q RI doesn't exactly sound like the 'original' (IMHO), and the 'new' speaker definitely has a very harsh 'treble-ly' edge to it.  The bottom end doesn't appear to be well defined either.  All is *not* lost however - I asked Mr.Ted Weber what he does to 'mellow' these out so they're 'usable'.  He told me he puts them on a filament transformer (I use a variac), runs them about 1/3 of their power rating, and 'runs Actone around the surround to loosen them up, break them in, improve bass response, and take the treble edge off a little.  There's a LINK at the bottom of this page that has an excerpt from the WeberVST Q.andA. section about this very subject, and a script that Ted wrote to calculate what voltage to use for your particular speaker. 

 Below is a 'pictorial album' of the steps to do this 'fix' - I hope it helps someone else, and I want to thank Ted Weber for his invaluable information, and guidance.  I have personally learned more from Ted 'accidentally' than I have 'on purpose' anywhere else about speakers.


cord that
was modified

other end
of the
& VOM clips

Hookup on
workbench. start w/~0 volts and take it up from there to a voltage that won't "fry" your spkr   (a filament XFMR would also be perfect for this...)

no need
to use
'Lab grade'
Acetone -
get some
from an
auto parts

pour Acetone
into a glass or
glazed container
(ashtrays work fine)


dip a soft bristle brush into the liquid
(I use a solder flux brush - you should be able to find these at any Flea market)

start 'wiping' the Acetone around the spkr surround

-then- turn the variac on; you do NOT want to put Acetone on a speaker that is "vibrating"

to go completely around the spkr will take about 3-5 'dunks' with the solder flux brush...

go around the surround about 3-6 times and 'listen' to the difference's amazing how well this works! Try it and see...



Click HERE to go to the WeberVST Q.and A. excerpt