I just had the extreme pleasure, and honor, to be part of the experience of the Coco Montoya band recording sessions, between Thanksgiving and the 1st week of December, at the Rumbo recording studios in Canoga Park (L.A.) on their upcoming CD  'Can't Look Back'.
Below are some fotos of Coco and the amp I built him, and Producer Jim Gaines.

Coco Montoya standing behind the Uncle Spot 'Coco Montoya' model


The back of the amp, loaded with 4x WeberVST C10NQ


I not only spent a lot of time with Coco and his band, but met Jim Gaines - Producer for Santana (evertything from 1980 to 'SuperNatural'), Journey, Stevie Ray Vaughn (In Step, and with Albert King), the last couple of Albert Collins CDs, Tower of Power, Booker T.& the M.G.s, Huey Lewis, etc, etc, etc......


Click HERE to see Coco at Moe's Alley (Jan.2002) in Santa Cruz, Cal.

Click HERE to see Coco in Barcelona, Spain (Oct. 2001)