Daniel Castro's
new Uncle Spot Amp





Custom 40 watt, 4x10" - speakers are 2 WeberVST ceramic, and 2 WeberVST
Alnico (for a mixed tonality that can't be matched any other way). Tube rectifier (or
WeberVST rectifier emulator), 2x 6L6GCs, 3 knob/3 spring reverb, 'tone-ful' amps, with
plenty of headroom, that can get serious sustain, and slight overdrive, when pushed (without
pedals). Chasses are made in Indianpolis, of high quality 16ga sheet steel, heavy chrome
plated. The cabinet is finger jointed pine, baffle is (floating) Baltic birch, Sprague and
Mallory caps used throughout, carbon film resistors, , 2 channel - voiced differently for
'flavor', and I personally make the fiber eyelet/component boards (from garolite xx fiber
board - then 'stake the eyelets for the component layout) and custom black brushed
aluminum knobs with white stripe ('don't use 'numbers' on the faceplate - that's also custom
made for this amp, because ALL the users so far have been professionals that have decades of
Since I personally put ALL the amps together, using cloth wire (point-to-point), and do the
Tolex/grill cloth application, and sew each amp cover, the actual build time is close to 80
hours. ...and EVERYTHING is MADE IN THE U.S.A.


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