We no longer restore, or repair Hammond organs or Leslies.  We sell vacuum tubes only.

'Uncle Spot' (Ron Veil) can be reached at:
922 Industrial Way  Suite # B
Lodi, California   95240

hours: M-F, 9AM - 6 PM (if not on the road)
            usually ALWAYS open on Sat, 10AM - 4 PM
and  Sun, by appointment only

Call, or e-mail with questions, 
or for a quote.
Shop tel. (209)  368-6467
e-mail: Ron@unclespot.com


The Uncle Spot shop does repairs/restorations on musical vacuum tube amps from 1934 to the the mid 1970s. URL: www.unclespot.com
This includes not only guitar amps, but Hammond organs and Leslie speaker systems.

…since this *IS* a ‘restoration’ shop there’s also a full speaker reconing/re-foam/repair section.

We not only do guitar, bass and organ reconing/repair, but stereo, Hi-Fi, and radio speakers as well...

We also do cabinet covering as well: Tolex, Tweed, and grill cloth replacement.

We also do back panel reproduction (mainly for Fenders from the mid 1950’s to the mid 1970’s)

The Uncle Spot shop has a full stock of most of the current production power, preamp, and rectifier tubes currently available: 6L6, EL34, 6550, KT66, KT88, EL84, 12AX7, 12AT7, 12AU7, GZ34, 5U4, 5Y3, 6CA4 - tubes from JJ, Sovtek, Svetlana (Flying -C-), Ruby Tubes, EI, TAD.

We sell speakers (WeberVST is *THE* speakers in *ALL* the custom Uncle Spot Amps so far), and hardware as well.

The *LINKs* page on the website currently has several hundred pages that highlights things like:
Breaking in a new speaker: www.unclespot.com/C10Q.html

Amp techs and their websites: www.unclespot.com/AmpsTechs.html

Helpful amp INFO: www.unclespot.com/AmpINFO.html

E.I.A. codes: www.unclespot.com/EIAcodes.html

Electrical wiring color codes: www.pacificrecone.com/ELcolorcodes.html

Tube links: www.unclespot.com/tubeLINKs.html

Guitar pickup manufacturers: www.unclespot.com/GuitarPUPs.html

Guitar amp bulletin boards: www.unclespot.com/BulletinBoards.html

Guitar repair/manufacturers: www.unclespot.com/GuitarLinks.html

*OR* you can just go to the LINK page and use the pull-down menu to check out much more stuff: www.unclespot.com/USlinks.html

Because Ron (Uncle Spot) does tube shoot-outs, speaker and tube amp reviews, there is ALWAYS something going on at the shop...