Select a good cardboard box about 3 to 5 inches larger than the speaker, use
cardboard over the front of the speaker a little larger, and securely tape.
"Leave cone in speaker."

Wrap the speaker in bubble wrap about 3 layers, use bubble wrap to fill up
the space left in the box. One speaker per box is the safest for large speakers.
If you put 2 in a box, bolt them together.

Ship UPS, and in no time your ears will be happy.


Ship by UPS ground with appropriate insurance to:

Uncle Spot
c/o Ron Veil
922 Industrial Way  Suite # B
Lodi,    CA    95240

*NOTE: Preferred payment is cash, USPS money order (Please make the amount payable to Ron Veil) 
 *Or you can use PayPal (Visa / Mastercard) to electronically transfer money.  

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