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1 - Amp Covers: 
* Custom Amp Covers  (check out the covers they did for my 1967 Vox Super Beatle)
* Tuttle Outdoor Equipment

2 - Amp INFO:
*BIAS dissipation MATH
2to3 prong convert.
*6L6 vs. EL34 tubes
*Accutronics Reverb Tanks
*Bill's Blues Junior Modification Pages
*BF that SF Fender
*(Uncle Spot's 'Blackfacing')
*BFSR RI (P.O.S. IMNSHO - it 'looks' good, but does NOT sound anywhere near a 'real' '65 SR)
*change New Fender input jacks w/switchcraft
Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook - by Jack Darr
*Electrical Wiring Codes
*Fender Amp Field Guide
*Gibson Amp INFO
*Gibson/Fender Amp comparison
*Ground Loop problems
*Guitar miking
*Jensen C10Q 'fix'
*Marshall JCM2000 BIASing info
*Orange Drop caps
*PreAmp tube gain
*R.G.Keen's site
*Resistor Color codes
*Reverb INFO
*SilverTone World
*Uncle Spot's 'Blackfacing'

4 - Amp Parts (Uncle Spot):
*Amp Parts for sale (@Uncle Spot's)

5 - Amp Schematics:
*Delta Blues

6 - Amps/Techs:
*Aiken Amps
*Allen Amps 
*Dr.Z Amps
*Erickson Audio
*Emery Amps
*Lord Valve
Uncle Spot (website)

*Uncle Spot (MySpace)
*WeberBB Tech Registry

7 - Bands/Musicians:
*A.J. (My Space)
*Daniel Castro (My Space)
*Trey Tosh (My Space)
*Because - Beatles tribute band
*Buddy Whittington (My Space)
*Rusty Burns (My Space)
*The Esquires
*Mike Emerson website
*Mike Emerson (MySpace)
*Coco Montoya
*Benny Yee
*Janiva Magness
*Rhythm Deluxe
*MOFO Party Band
*Volker Strifler
*John Mayall
*Ron Hacker

*Greg Cooper
*Debbie Davies
*Mike Schermer
*Kay Bohler
*Soul Central
*Kenny Blue Ray
*Gov't Mule
*Studebaker Blues Band
*Blues Bands

8 - Bulletin Boards:
*Amp Workshop
Delta Blues Land
*WeberVST  BBs

9 - Clubs / Concert Halls:
*CalClubs Listing*
*the Crossroads  (Fresno)
*Constable Jack's (Newcastle)
*PowerHousePub (Folsom)
*Torch Club (Sacramento)
*THE Saloon (S.F.)
*Grant & Green (S.F.)
*THE Fillmore (S.F.)
*Lou's Blues (S.F.)
*Biscuits & Blues (S.F.)
*BoomBoomRoom (S.F.)
*Slim's   (S.F.)
*Elk Grove Brewery
*Jackson Rancheria
*Pioneer Saloon (Woodside)
*the State theater

10 - E.I.A. codes:

11 - Guitar LESSONs
Daniel Page Guitar (Stockton, California)
*Dansm's Acoustic Home Page
*Song Surgeon
Song Surgeon Video Tutorials
*The Art of Practice
*In Defense Of The Home Guitarist

12 - Guitar LINKs:
* All Parts
* Callaham Guitars
* DeTemple Guitars

*Guitar Parts Resouce

*Chandler Guitars
*Chandler 555
*Gibson Solid Body 'collectable' INFO
*Guitar Chords
* Guitar ReRanch (finishing supplies)
* Luthieries Merchentile 

*Stewart MacDonald
*Silvertone World
*USA Custom
* WD Music
*Wiring 101
*World's FASTEST guitar player! LOL

13 -
Guitar Pickups:
*G.F.S. (Guitar Fetish) (the ONLY pickups Uncle Spot endorses and uses!)
*Joe Barden 

*Seymour Duncan
*G.F.S. (Guitar Fetish)
*Lindy Fralin
*Harmonic Designs
*Bill Lawrence
*Rio Grande

14 - Hammond Organ:
*All Time HITS
B-3 History
*Hammond History
*Hammond / Leslie AGE determination List
*Leslie Mysteries
*Myths & Facts

15 - Harmonica items:
* Fritz Hasenpusch - the Harp Mic Man
* Sonny Jr. Harmonica Amps

16 - In Memory Of:
(click on the items below to go to those website)
my Mom
*Bruce Davidson
*Jimi Hendrix
*Leo Fender

17 - Music Related Sites:
*Cabin-On-The-Lake Music Production Studio

*Chandler Guitars
*Riccardo's Archives
*Rob Livesey (U.K.)
*Silvertone World
*Song Structure

18 - MySpace:
*Daniel Castro (My Space)
*Trey Tosh (My Space)
*Mike Emerson (MySpace)

19 - OTHER musical instruments:
*Burning Wood Flutes (Keith O.)
*Gentle Thunder
*Mark Holland
*NCFC - Joaquin clan

20 - Recipes (NOT musical, but 'fuels' the musician)
******Breakfast Cassarole
(extremely EASY to do)
*Cajun Chili
*french toast
*Hamburgers, Potatoes, and Dumplings (OLD German dish)
*Kahlua drinks
Lemon Meringue Pie 
*Old Dude's Chinese Rice (extremely EASY to do)
*****Spanish Sangria (with champagne)
*Seven Layer Dinner (another OLD German dish)
*****Spanish omelette
***Taco Salad (extremely EASY to do)
*****Uncle Spot's CHILI (extremely EASY to do)

21- Speakers (INFO):
*Breakin' in a speaker
*Celestion INFO
*Jensen RI C10Q 'fix'
*spkr EIA codes
*WeberVST spkrs
*ALNICO mag info
*Ceramic mag info
*Series-Parallel Wiring for 4x 8ohm speakers
*Uncle Spot speakers for sale

22 - Speaker Cabs:
Greg Hopkins
Jenkins Sound Shop

23 - Speaker Reconing:
*Uncle Spot
*WeberVST spkrs

24 - Transformers:
*Fender specs
*Fender XFMR chartuncle
XFMR EIA codes

25 - Tube LINKs:
*Audio Valve LINKs
*Vacuum Tube Valley
*KCA NOS Tubes
*Mullard EL34 production codes
*Phil Loarie's 6L6
*PreAmp Tube Gain  (or 'amplification factor')
*Rectifier Tubes for Guitar amps
*Uncle Spot Tubes for sale
*VTV GUITAR articles

26 -  Wiring
*Electrical Wiring Codes
*Ron Hazelton's "How to install a garage door opener" video



last updated:  17 Oct 2013

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