Uncle Spot
(or, 'What's in a name')

back in the mid '60s there was a TV sit-com called 'Capt. Nice'. This was a parody on 'Super Heros' (Batman, the Green Hornet, and SuperMan were on the airways at this time...)   Capt.Nice was only on for a few months (if that long...).   One evening our 'Hero' came home to find his Dad passed out in front of the TV, in the 'LazyBoy' recliner... when he woke up he exclaimed,"Hello Spot." Capt. Nice tried correcting him by telling him,"No, Dad, Spot was our dog, and he died a few month ago".         Well, when asked at a family get-together what (first) name I wanted to be called, I answered,"ANYthing but Spot!" My Dad thought THAT funny as hell; so the name 'Spot' stuck....

    When my sister had kids they asked her what name to call me; she said, "He's your 'Uncle Spot' "    I was not too comfortable with that name for quite a few years... until my sister died of heart failure. I figure if it was good enough for someone that I thought the world of, it'll do just fine.

    ...and I found it was R-E-A-L easy to Patent...


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