It was developed to provide the best sounding, quietest, lushest reverb for home, stage or studio use.

Iíve personally hand picked the 6K6 tubes for every unit built. The component boards are made from gerolite-XX material for their durability and dielectric properties. They are mounted on 3/8" standoffs for better wire Ďdressingí/routing.

Iíve picked the best components available today: Sprague Blue Atoms for power supply filter electrolytic caps, Mallory 150s for coupling and tone caps, and carbon film resistors for optimum tonal characteristics. Iíve opted for JJ preamp/driver tubes for their superior performance and durability.

The chassis is 16 gauge steel, triple plated chrome. The cabinet is an aged pine.

The cabinet feet are a larger variety so the unit can stand on any surface, and provide addition shock absorption. The handle is one of the best on the market and has bolts through the cabinet into T-nuts for durability and strength. The power cord is a grounded, 3-prong, 18 gauge, 12 feet in length.

Iím confident that youíll be pleased with the performance and sound of this unit and provide a 1 year warrantee for all parts and workmanship.

The unit currently sells for $605.oo, plus tax (if you live in California), and shipping costs

NOTE: There are currently no reverb units ready to go:

The current lead time for custom orders is
5-8 weeks. 
Sorry about the wait, many orders do go out more quickly, 
but every reverb unit is handmade to order 
and we get each order out as soon as we possibly can.

'Tweed' covering is $60 extra - we use 4 coats of schellac: 1 honey, 3 clear
                - Mullard 12AT7/CV4024 'upgrade' is $55 additional
                - one-button footswitch (below wholesale - for reverb unit buyers only) - $35.oo
                - Covers,
cordura nylon, with handle flap, and bottom, Velcro holding strap - $45
(reverb unit cover can be seen at: )

Click HERE for Return Policy

Preferred payment is cash, USPS money order (Please make the amount payable to either Uncle Spot, or Ron Veil) , or you can use PayPal (Visa / Mastercard) to electronically transfer money.


The unit is available in all 'standard' Tolexes (black and smooth cream) 
and a number of different  control knobs.

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Phil Loarie's reverb unit with 1st 'Uncle Spot' logo

back of Phil's reverb unit


Geoff Brandenburg's Tweed reverb unit


Uncle Spot for more information. 

Please return soon for updates....