Sherry Stone's Cajun Grand Prize Chili

1/4 c veg oil
a few tblsp of olive oil when needed
1 lb course ground beef
1 lb stew meat
1 lb pork sausage, seasoned
2 lrg. onions chopped
1 c chopped bell pepper
5 cloves chopped garlic
1/4 c chili powder
salt to taste
blk pepper to taste
cayenne pepper to taste
2 tbsps cumin
1 tbsp oregano
2 lg bay leaves
1 sm can tom paste
8oz italian style stewed tomatoes
8 oz can tom sauce, chunky style, with italian seasonings.
3 lrg cubes beef bouillinw/1 bottle dk beer
chopped habenero pepper to taste
1 lrg can kidney beans if desired
enough water to cover, and cook down to thick consistency. about 2 hours.

In a large ducth oven type pot, saute all vegetables in oil, until translucent.

Remove. Saute meat until evenly browned. remove.

Use about 2 tblsps. ov oil and add tom. paste, and brown for about 5 minutes on low. add sauce, vegies, and meat. add all seasonings, water and cook on high until boiling, the turn the heat sown low, stir every once in a while and after a coulple hrs. chowdown with fritos cornchips and cheese or some crackers.