'Uncle Spot' (Ron Veil) can be reached through:

The Music Box
101 E. Lodi Ave
Lodi,  California   95240

hours: M-F,
9:30AM - 5:30 PM
    Saturday, 9:30
AM - 5:30PM 


CELL tel: (209) 606-6467

e-mail: Ron@unclespot.com

If you're sending an e-mail please read this first!
As I receive quite a lot of e-mails (and a lot of SPAM ) everyday, please consider the following when sending an e-mail

* Please turn OFF the CapsLock!

* Use a SUBJECT for your e-mail. E-mails without a subject will be automatically deleted by my very strict SPAM filters.

* If you have a question concerning a particular amp, speaker, tube, back panel, amp part, Hammond or Leslie then name the brand and type and any other relevant information! Often the solution of a problem has its roots in a small detail.

* I always answer all e-mails within a day or two, so If you don't get a reply quickly then you didn't get past my SPAM filters. Just try again.

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Last updated 4 April 2016
by Uncle Spot