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Return Policy

Anything returned for manufacturer defects, not functioning properly, 
or not working within operational specifications will be replaced immediately with another unit.

Anything returned that failed because of misuse, abuse, or improper handling 
will be repaired and the customer will be charged for parts and labor.

Electrical/electronic parts are not returnable - tubes, transformers, speakers, capacitors, etc

Anything returned that is still functioning correctly, but the customer does not "want" will be charged a 25% restocking fee, and shipping charges.  This is due to the "custom order" aspect of the transaction: the original deposit was used to acquire parts (transformers, cabinets, speakers, tubes, and hardware) that are not normally 'stocked' in the shop.  This is a small shop and can't "absorb" such costs the same as large chain stores like Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, SamAsh, etc.



'Uncle Spot' (Ron Veil) can be reached at:
922 Industrial Way  Suite # B
Lodi,  California   95240
hours: M-F, 9 AM - 5 PM (if not on the road)
           usually ALWAYS on Sat, 9 AM - 5 PM,
 and  Sun, by appointment only

Shop tel. (209) 606-6467

If you're sending an e-mail please read this first!
As I receive quite a lot of e-mails (and a lot of spam) everyday, please consider the following when sending an e-mail

* Please turn OFF the CapsLock!

* Use a SUBJECT for your e-mail. E-mails without a subject will be automatically deleted by my very strict SPAM filters.

* If you have a question concerning a particular amp, speaker, tube, back panel, amp part, Hammond or Leslie then name the brand and type and any other relevant information! Often the solution of a problem has its roots in a small detail.

* I always answer all e-mails within a day or two, so If you don't get a reply quickly then you didn't get past my SPAM filters. Just try again.

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by Uncle Spot