*ALL* Preamp tubes checked using Geo.Kaye PreAmp tube checker, on both triodes, for gain, output, noise, and microphonics.
*ALL* Power tubes, are checked on Hickok 539C and matched on Maxi-Matcher for plate current draw and transconductance. Rectifier tubes are checked on Hickok 539C.
*ALL* tubes are shipped via USPS Priority mail, and boxed in bubble wrap material for protection.

NOTE: there are some people that think NOS tube prices are 'funny', 'laughable', and 'out-of-line'... 
I personally think what has happened to NOS tube prices is OBSCENE - but, one has to remember that repair shops do NOT set prices, but reflect what the market price IS.  There ARE a 'finite' number of 'original' 'NOS/NIB' tubes left.  Therefore I will only sell these rare tubes to customers that bring me their amps, and they can 'hear' the 'difference' for themselves...

12AX7 Preamp tubes

Prices: each

EI (Yugoslavia) 12AX7


Electro Harmonix 12AX7


Golden Dragon 12AX7A



$20. ea

Sovtek  12AX7WA/7025

 $20. ea

Sovtek  12AX7WB/7025

 $20. ea

Sovtek  12AX7LPS

 $25. ea

Re-Issue Tungsol  12AX7

 $30. ea

12AX7WA JAN Philips

$100. ea   VERY limited supply


 $125. ea   VERY limited supply

12AX7WA JAN  Sylvania (NOS)

 $125. ea   VERY limited supply

RCA 7025 (NOS)

  $250.ea.VERY limited supply  (2 left)


  $200.ea.VERY limited supply   (1 left)


12AT7 'driver' tubes

Prices: each

Ruby tubes 12AT7

 $20. ea

JJ 12AT7/ECC81

 $25. ea
Mullard 12AT7/CV4024 preamp tubes (Made in Great Britain) new in box. These are the best 12AT7s I have tested. For reverb drivers and phase inverters in Fender amps and as a lower gain preamp tube. $145. ea.


12AU7 preAmp tubes

Prices: each

Ruby tubes 12AU7

-not in stock at this time-

JJ 12AU7/ECC82

 $25. ea

12AY7 preAmp tubes

Prices: each

Electro Harmonix 12AY7

 $35. ea.

6V6 power tubes

Prices: in Pairs, or Quads

Tungsol (re-issue) 6V6

    $75/matched pr  $150/matched Quad
 JJ 6V6

$75/matched pr 

$150/matched Quad

EL84 power tubes

Prices: in Pairs, or Quads

            Russian EL84R

 -not in stock at this time-

JJ EL84/6BQ5

 $45/matched pr    $90/matched quad

                   E I   EL84



5881 power tubes

Prices: in Pairs, or Quads

Tungsol (re-issue) 5881  $90/matched pr    $180/matched quad
RCA NOS 5881  $550/matched pr 

- none -


6L6 power tubes

Prices: in Pairs, or Quads

( Svetlana) 'Wing -C- '

 $90/matched pr  

 $180/matched quad


 $60/matched pr  

 $120/matched quad

Tungsol (re-issue)   6L6GC STR

 $90/matched pr  

 $180/matched quad
Sovtek   6L6WXT  -not in stock at this time-
TAD   6L6WGC-STR  $60/matched pr    $120/matched quad

RCA 'Blackplates' (NOS)

 singles only - $500./ea.

RCA 'Blackplates' (used)
(lots of life left)

 singles only - $250./ea.


EL34 power tubes

Prices: in Pairs, or Quads


$60/matched pr 

$120/matched quad


6550 power tubes

Prices: in pairs

Svetlana (wing -C-) 6550SVT

-not in stock at this time-


Rectifier tubes

Prices: each

JJ 5AR4 / GZ34  $35. ea
JJ 5Y3  $35. ea
GE (NOS) 6CA4/EZ81  $95. ea
Sylvania (NOS) 6CA4  $95. ea
WeberVST 'Copper Caps'  $30. ea


 $140. ea


 $100. ea

NOS-Sylvania 5U4G

 $100. ea

Assorted NOS 5Y3

 -not in stock at this time-

NOS tubes

occasionally can get NOS NIB -
check if interested

NOTE: minimum order $25.

All prices are excluding S/H/ins Because of price fluctuation(s) of tubes this page changes frequently

*NOTE: Preferred payment is cash, USPS money order (Please make the amount payable to Ron Veil) , or you can use PayPal (Visa / Mastercard) to electronically transfer money.

Prices are for TUBES only, shipping, handling, and insurance is extra.  
At this time any TUBE for sale is *only* available in the 48 mainland states of the USA.
Please e-mail, or call, for shipping details.

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---ALL tubes guaranteed for 30 days from purchase---

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